on scanndistribute.sh a free scan tool chain, existent and workable

Hi there,

what is this? This is the free tool chain script I use for scanning write now on my hardware scanner. And  yes I like it? I think you might have some use as well, as it was not so easy to find another one these days. It costed me some days to gather all those command lines, bind them, test them. Right now it is in business use and you can use it, if you like. For sure one could design a proper command line user interface for it, but till then I keep glad on messing this way. Yes, and I am can say that I am in the end happy that I found a free tool chain, existent and workable. Download below.


# <one line to give the program’s name and a brief idea of what it does.>
# scanndistribute.sh: hardware independent config-way script for copy and paste in the console. You can use it to scan paper stacks in an adf-scanner and distribute it into documents according to your requirements. I used and tested this script with bulks of 60 papers duplex.
# Copyright (C) 2015 Tom Blecher
# This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
# it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
# the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
# (at your option) any later version.
# This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
# but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
# GNU General Public License for more details.
# You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
# along with this program. If not, see <http://www.gnu.org/licenses/&gt;.
RANGE=1 # staple number
# usage: spapling: ie. 2 staples (RANGE=2), first 2 staples are front staples, then 2 rear reverse order, staple wise (for fitting scanners slots, about 15 leafs); after that, they are again in original order, whereas stapel 1 gets stapel 4 and vice versa
# use physical snippets 1-4 to mark each staple during the process
# usage: console 1: c&p partI first, then PartII and PartIII to console, console 2: less +F log.txt , script in Kate split view, where one window you select and c&p, on the other you manipulate code
#you think stapling is difficult? Try it on your and you will see.

#Part I inserting leafs
dup=1 # duplex=2 else 1, beidseitig
DATE=`date +%y%m%d`
rm *doctemp* #cleaning # clean old scans here!
cd $”~/Downloads”
for (( i=1; i != $RANGE*$dup+1; i++ )) #continue by messing this
echo $i “. insert paper and press enter”
let ii=i+10000
time scanimage -v –source ADF -b –resolution 300 -y 297 -x 210 –format=tiff –batch=doctemp${ii:2:3}-p%03d.tiff –batch-start=1 >> log.txt 2>&1
#doctemp2-p001.tiff #-y 355.6 -x 215.9: big black bar below
#scanimage –help|grep eso
ls -rtl|tail >> log.txt 2>&1

# as non interactive as possible from here on, Part II
for (( i=1; i < $RANGE*$dup+1; i++ ))
echo $i >> log.txt 2>&1
let ii=i+10000
time convert doctemp${ii:2:3}-p*.tiff doctempconv${ii:2:3}.pdf >> log.txt 2>&1
# bug?
ls -rtl|tail >> log.txt 2>&1

for (( i=1; i < $RANGE+1; i++ ))
echo $i
let ii=i+10000
mv doctempconv${ii:2:3}.pdf doctempf${ii:2:3}.pdf
pdftk doctempf*.pdf cat output doctempgetherf.pdf

for (( i=$RANGE+1; i < $RANGE*$dup+1; i++ ))
echo $i
let ii=i+10000
mv doctempconv${ii:2:3}.pdf doctempr${ii:2:3}.pdf
pdftk doctempr*.pdf cat output doctempgetherr.pdf

pdftk A=doctempgetherf.pdf B=doctempgetherr.pdf shuffle A Bend-1 output doctempbundle.pdf || mv doctempgetherf.pdf doctempbundle.pdf
# or if non duplex
ls -rtl|tail >> log.txt 2>&1
pdfinfo doctempbundle.pdf |grep Pages >> log.txt 2>&1

time /opt/OCRmyPDF-2.2-stable/OCRmyPDF.sh -f -l deu ./doctempbundle.pdf doctempbundlesandw1.pdf >> log.txt 2>&1
pdftotext doctempbundlesandw1.pdf – |tail -5 >> log.txt 2>&1
ls -l doctempbundlesandw1.pdf >> log.txt 2>&1

#Part III
xpdf doctempbundlesandw1.pdf
#uff wie got some Problems big black bars below, this:
#pdfcrop –margins ‘0 0 0 -189’ –clip doctempbundlesandw1.pdf doctempoutput.pdf
#mv doctempoutput.pdf doctempbundlesandw1.pdf

#extract 1 leave copy

let Nstart=1
let Nend=10

pdftk A=doctempbundlesandw1.pdf cat A$Nstart-$Nend output $Pstore$Nstore
pdfinfo $Pstore$Nstore |grep Pages >> log.txt 2>&1
pdftotext $Pstore$Nstore – |head -125|tail >> log.txt 2>&1
ls -l $Pstore$Nstore >> log.txt 2>&1
#extracts1 end

let Nstart=19
let Nend=28

pdftk A=doctempbundlesandw1.pdf cat A$Nstart-$Nend output $Pstore$Nstore
pdfinfo $Pstore$Nstore |grep Pages >> log.txt 2>&1
pdftotext $Pstore$Nstore – |head -125|tail >> log.txt 2>&1
ls -l $Pstore$Nstore >> log.txt 2>&1
#extracts2 end

let Nstart=49
let Nend=54

pdftk A=doctempbundlesandw1.pdf cat A$Nstart-$Nend output $Pstore$Nstore
pdfinfo $Pstore$Nstore |grep Pages >> log.txt 2>&1
pdftotext $Pstore$Nstore – |head -125|tail >> log.txt 2>&1
ls -l $Pstore$Nstore >> log.txt 2>&1
#lp -o ColorModel=KGray -o fit-to-page -o outputorder=reverse $Pstore$Nstore
#extracts3 end

let Nstart=13
let Nend=15

pdftk A=doctempbundlesandw1.pdf cat A$Nstart-$Nend output $Pstore$Nstore
pdfinfo $Pstore$Nstore |grep Pages >> log.txt 2>&1
pdftotext $Pstore$Nstore – |head -125|tail >> log.txt 2>&1
ls -l $Pstore$Nstore >> log.txt 2>&1
#extracts4 end

mkdir “”


let Nstart=1
let Nend=2
# C=pathtoappliedpdf.pdf
# pdftk B=$B cat B11-end output “$C”
# xpdf “$C” #extracting 3 from end
pdfinfo $Pstore$Nstore |grep Pages >> log.txt 2>&1

pdftk A=doctempbundlesandw1.pdf B=$Pstore$Nstore cat B A$Nstart-$Nend output $Pstore$Nstore”_”
pdfinfo $Pstore$Nstore”_” |grep Pages >> log.txt 2>&1
pdftotext $Pstore$Nstore”_” – |head -125|tail >> log.txt 2>&1
ls -l $Pstore$Nstore”_” >> log.txt 2>&1
mv $Pstore$Nstore”_” $Pstore$Nstore

cp doctempbundlesandw1.pdf $Pstore1$Nstore1
ls -l $Pstore1$Nstore1 >> log.txt 2>&1
#extracts5 end

#attach from 2 sources and drop a copy elsewhere

let Nstart_s1=1
pdfinfo $Pstore$Nstore |grep Pages >> log.txt 2>&1

pdftk A=$Pstore$Nstore_s1 B=$Pstore$Nstore_s2 C=$Pstore$Nstore cat C A$Nstart B$Nstart output $Pstore$Nstore”_”
pdfinfo $Pstore$Nstore”_” |grep Pages >> log.txt 2>&1
pdftotext $Pstore$Nstore”_” – |head -125|tail >> log.txt 2>&1
ls -l $Pstore$Nstore”_” >> log.txt 2>&1
mv $Pstore$Nstore”_” $Pstore$Nstore
ls -l $Pstore$Nstore >> log.txt 2>&1
# uff k
#drop another copy
pdftk A=$Pstore$Nstore_s1 B=$Pstore$Nstore_s2 cat A$Nstart B$Nstart output $Pstore1$Nstore1

pdfinfo $Pstore1$Nstore1 |grep Pages >> log.txt 2>&1
pdftotext $Pstore1$Nstore1 – |head -125|tail >> log.txt 2>&1
ls -l $Pstore1$Nstore1 >> log.txt 2>&1

#k 6
#extracts6 end
rm *doctemp[!0-9]*
rm *doctemp* #cleaning



#here you got the package of it

on every day data processing penners command line

Hi there,

given that you need to do the bookkeeping (and btw the renewal application for social money at the so called Jobcenter office) every 3 months or once a year – on a linux system and as a self entertainer, as me I am, then here I drop some command lines as a starting point and reference:

#on hand out invoices

# in here you got all the invoice into in the end
mkdir ~/pathtoJC150312/print2

#first as a workaround you remove all the white spaces from its bills filenames; bash goes crazy with it..
for f in /pathtocollectedbills/1[45]* ; do mv “$f” `echo $f | tr ‘ ‘ ‘_’`; done

#then copy them bills to your invoices dir like this
for FILE in “`ls /pathtocollectedbills/1[45]*|grep -v A140[1-7]`” ; do cp $FILE ~/pathtoJC150312/print2; done

#all into 1 pdf file, it is physical printer (hp) gets dirty on chinese cardridges otherwise

cd ~/pathtoJC150312/print2;

pdftk *.pdf cat output zusammen.pdf

#to leave it here as digital archive and to make it staple (paper):

lp -o ColorModel=KGray -o fit-to-page -o outputorder=reverse zusammen.pdf

On filling out form pdfs

#linux’ pdf viewers as okular gets dirty printing to paper, especially when it treats about fdf forms filled out before.  – just take lp for it..

lp Abschliessende-Angaben-Einkommen-Selbstaendiger.pdf

# on ordinary bookkeeping and handout workflow:

before bookkeeping: we had source bills in our emails, from the online shop accounts, some loose papers flying around..,

-watch them collected:

  1. consult: as sink-source rep, sinks:
    1. survey of historic handout:give all sinks files
    2. among them tab.xls to be used for c&p interactivly into sinky form,
    3. source: accounts currents, human memory, bills in our emails, from the online shop accounts, some loose papers
  2. (that means interactively log in and download (dl) accounts currents .xls of period (BWZ) from Bank online,
    1. -btw dl account current pdfs, to accounts current dir, to be afterward copied (by dolphin? or cl) to hand out print dir, there bound with pdftk ,and printed with lp (see cl above)
  3. in order to find them expenses and fit them to your historic tab.xls: here you got in the odyssey of calc sorting:https://forum.ubuntuusers.de/topic/open-office-calc-tabelle-nach-datum-sortieren/
    # see posts after: “Datümern, die Calc – warum auch immer – nicht als Datum erkennt.
  4. dump them slips to pathtocollectedbills
    1. scanned->,  from slips dir, online accounts, where e
    2. named with dolphin on historic pattern
    3. calculating them contents in calc, c&p from file name to tab.xls
    4. process expense hand out on cl above
  5. leave files on historic survey updated on disk and on staple,1,2,8. You copied the historic handout dirs to mess on it, right?
  6. Take care on having signed each form twice, note for eye keeping each affair over the years, bind them staples in envelope: 1.

Three Rings for the Elven-kings under the sky,
Seven for the Dwarf-lords in their halls of stone,
Nine for Mortal Men doomed to die,
One for the Dark Lord on his dark throne
In the Land of Mordor where the Shadows lie.
One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them,
One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them
In the Land of Mordor where the Shadows lie.

#Tool search in pdfs

#for example for a special admin notice among much bundles
for i in 1[45]*; do pdftotext 140*.3.pdf – |grep “01.08”|grep “14”; done

#First page jc admin notices handouts: unpaper, add to bundle, copy last 3 pages

#unpaper scan sandwiched install http://wiki.ubuntuusers.de/ocrmypdf.. it is to say that we should deliver a seamless bundle of notices of administration of social office (Jobcenter), to say their first pages respectively, that we earned social money whole years long.

#first scanning the notice of administration (Bescheide) itself, sandwiched

hp-scan –adf -f /home/kubuntu/Downloads/scan002.pdf
#drops a non sandwiched scan
/opt/OCRmyPDF-2.2-stable/OCRmyPDF.sh -f -l deu /home/kubuntu/hpscan002.pdf 150731JC_BescheidevorlaeufigeBewillBWZ1.8.14-31.1.15.pdf
rm 140301JC_BescheidevorlaeufigeBewillBWZ1.8.14-31.1.15.pdf
okular 150731JC_BescheidevorlaeufigeBewillBWZ1.8.14-31.1.15.pdf

# extract first pages out of one, attach it to another staple, then copy last 3 pages in the working dir to be printed out and to be archived as applied

pdftk A=$A B=$B cat B A1 output “$B”_

pdftk B=$B cat B11-end output “$C”
xpdf “$C”


  • update

  • have a look at my recent elaborate scanndistribute.sh for any scanning/distribution purposes..


#sh jc-startup150823.sh

#sh jc-startup150823.sh
echo ‘https://softwareforhartz4entertainer.wordpress.com/2015/07/31/on-every-day-data-processing-penners-command-line/
254923374520398jg -wordpress pass
blecher.tom20164@yandex.com -wordpress user login
add first and last love letter, security pass
Pathes as variables /pathtocollectedbills (after bookkeeping) /pathtoJC150312/ (JC handouts’
#there you got work; introduce it in the computer, the behaviourist among you got keen for new animal experiment data
kate –start “JC-Burokratie” –line 26891 # it evokes old session records, there we are at our local, dirty, non public origin
ding& # without ding no way

Problems I got rid off
#P2 kate could not handle text files more then 30.000 lines
#P3 k had problems with calc exporting to pdf: use gui/file/pdf export.. and page print preview
#P4 k had problems with calc sorting dates: Data/Sort, Data/TexttoColums wg Datum (press on column’s head in dialog
#P5 k okular could not print form.pdf: lp does it
#P7 on pdf forms
#aha we see there seems to be a non interactive way prepared to enter your calc data into a form pdf…
#P8 do not like that one cannot _restart hp-scan adf.
#P10 do not like that there is no pdf preview in dolphin neither.P7 scanimage instead of hp-scan –adf, Tried this already. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2291873., and https://github.com/fritz-hh/OCRmyPDF/issues/116 k, what comes now? No k

P11 lp -o ColorModel=KGray -o fit-to-page -o outputorder=reverse got some message on the hp display: format not apt or so… probably because I did: #uff wie got some Problems big black bars below, this:
#pdfcrop –margins ‘0 0 0 -189’  — Now: I do not understand this graphics measuring day by now or how to look it up. For example this – here what does that mean? Is it apt for printing on din a4 –  not?

pdfinfo $Pstore$NstoreCreator:        pdftk 2.01 – http://www.pdftk.com
Producer:       itext-paulo-155 (itextpdf.sf.net-lowagie.com)
CreationDate:   Mon Aug 24 23:15:39 2015
ModDate:        Mon Aug 24 23:15:39 2015
Tagged:         no
Form:           none
Pages:          6
Encrypted:      no
Page size:      609 x 819 pts
Page rot:       0
File size:      696187 bytes
Optimized:      no
PDF version:    1.4

Todos: T1 all whole pathes as variables /pathtocollectedbills /pathtoJC150312/ to be integrated in scripts

T2: tab.xls once uploaded anonymised

T3: format this? rec&p to libreoffice for contents?

on contemporary open source development: firstly the own firm

Hi there, there is me again. I am back after a few days and monthes, that I could tackle my doings of a penner.
So what would be up next? Would be the question? Hm watched around and tip tip tip fruko pako fruko ging ging, fruko pak gong gong ku ging ging. So what? What do you guess which could have risen the interest of such a Tom Blecher penner in the mean time. Quiz time!
came up with?

The story

This I emailed to a friend:

Hi xxx,
es wird ein open source hardware boom vorausgesagt:


http://www.appropedia.org/MY4777 er hat so ein (dieses!) Buch dazu und gibt einen Unikurs, gut zum Selberlernen wohl.

Und die hier
sind die PR dafür: http://www.oshwa.org/testimonials/

wäre das nicht was für uns?

abkupfern/einbringen kann man sich gleich hier:

Zusammen ist mehr Motivation -und mehr Ordnung da. Ich würde gleich anbieten. Open Source Hardware Consulting: The product of your choice, we deliver it.
Oder so. Es gibt alles in allem overwhemingly viel da.

It is about this singularity:


It was one of the top books chosen be Shareable for “New Books About Sharing, Cities and Happiness”[14]

Top 15 New Books About Sharing, Cities and Happiness – Shareable


what is she might thinking? – Life style – It is said that anyone should have read/ got the skills to build up its own scientific lab of 5 Thousand Euros? Right? Says? she? What is it about? Answer: a book is crucial resource, it is expensive – quite -. That is the point. Now farther what is this book so singular? I questioned…

Any a ghosty book, so to say speak. He? I came up with my comics theory book in which gave basic example the joke from george bush (or presumedly one of his ghost writers):

Books, Books, Books. When I think of all those books George Bush the liar. Dirty lies of George Bush. Lies, lying and George Bush and the like. I might comment that I did not fail to do something for the economy. Speaks anybody about what I have done for the books industry. I would say that I had read all this books, – but that would be a lie.

So one wonders what kind of barrier is that in your way? Set there in your way? Is it a bridge? Or is it door? And what fore should act such a conditionally locked door here? I think I will get problems in the shipping, won’t I?

The new commandment and its strategy

The plan that derives from it consequently is:

phase 1

-go own the sensorica or the like,

-go own your own books-curse,

-go prepare your own firm study all business opportunities

phase 2

-Then after it run the profit orientated business of it.

So whats more?

I need a License.

Here is my license then:

Such a open source hardware  cooperation license:

1. Income guaranty clause

Referring to the quote “we are helping the people diminishing poverty.” I do not agree with it. As for my interpretation if open source hardware action is something good these days, depends on the environment in which it is used.  I doubt that this promotion meets the requirements of lets say 11.2


So as we see bubbles bursting, which is illusion of economic value and its secure delivery to the people bursts, like in case of the boy’s hand prosthesis, which costed 10€ instead of 10.000€, we must fear that an open source market behavior as proposed likes to step from an effectively secured delivery of monetary income to a not secured one. Willingly? The License should give an answer to it.

1.0.1 As provided the result is: The effects of open source phenomenon is threatening to be catastrophic. As the catastrophe is both to fear and to expect, the advocates of open source appear monstrous. The singularity turns out to a monstrosity so to say.

1.0.2 Even more: Protagonists are (were then) playing a self hating role in which they advertize for their next political concurrent which offers not only better assurances in having stable the income value supply. Such as the “industry”? The protagonists’ attitude need to be described as well as saboteur, as their aggressive behavior is seen to be a prove publicly delivered that an future industrial open source hardware regime were a logical defense against them.

This were to criticize.

1.1The content of the contract is then not anymore something rational – for being catastrophic, right? – and so the whole license is weakened and thus the whole ground of with economy and or production should take place.

1.2 Even as an advocate for propulsion of open hardware one needs to comment that  their current PR-doers might be not the apt subjects for it. (human beings). A political overall direction (of aims) is in question.

1.3 Another license shall be found where a conflict minimum with human rights is assured and communicated. A clear avowal towards human rights in the narrower sense (11.2 and so on)  and its strive for it against any pluralism should be included in such a future license.

2. This license holds it in no way fair: the fair principle of sensorica award system or the like. Maybe it is feasible to actuate by the principle over a limited time scope and at a smaller scale, lets say 3 singular person.

2.1 From the point of view of 11.2 human right it is to say that if this cooperation gets a mass phenomenon – something that is undoubtedly in question – it is to find that it is theft. Where the spoil is what they call revenue and their socii are gangsters.

2.2. As the (human) mass catastrophe threat is depending on this mindset, this license requires to pull it back as a central philosophy within the movement.

2.2.1 Historically one could observe such phenomena, of celebrating ones own “performance justice” leading to continued mass catastrophe threat.  That is to be criticized at least.



  • Das große Arbeitslager im Sommer 1932, 7.-21. August. In: Sächsische Jugend am Werk, 1933, S. 14–27.
  • The big work camp in summer. The first work camps were indeed holiday camps or summer camps.

Which is the historic warning: Take care when some idiots make their enthusiastic, provenly dull ideas become mass event, than you will get a mass catastrophe pretty soon next! So the warning dropped here.


End-report: Is standardization deemed to be against FS and how can it be tackled?



we had a discussion on the mailing list of the free software foundation Europe [2], where members of free software foundation Europe but anyone could have read with and furthermore everybody in future could read. I had a picture of the whole process when I came in. Now I give back the picture I got after the consultations.

See results here: https://softwareforhartz4entertainer.wordpress.com/2015/07/09/237/#chapter4

As a red tread I proceed with first naming the Is-State and then naming the should-be state, or recommendations.

-As I find the matters stems strongly from a counters labeled with „propaganda“ on it I open a section FAQ for blind spots and the like illnesses. It should be an endpoint for an investigation “chase”, so to say an report on the situation of standardization and free software.

This in one form or another, e.g. published separately on a blog (cause this is can not serve more than a maybe incomplete braindump), could be a reference for somebody who dares to get pulled into debating in future.

Status quo then:

on the relevance of the problem:

Located in space the phenomenon, which is where the problem is seen, can be found where they say is a bottle neck. You speed thinks up at bottle neck. This goes down to developers, for example how much faster it is when you got the specification at the time writing a driver for a device or not. – Cause in latter case work is “tedious”. On a macro-view one should see that the time, free software i is needing is depending on it. So it is to acknowledge that in general standardization is of highest importance for free software propagation.

Findings then first:

1 It was found that situation for free software referring to standardization is to be considered as: very bad.

2 It was found that the state of the fsfe is very bad in consequence.

3 And that they should in effect change their politics from support, even propagation of documents-freedom-day open standard definition into into negating and attacking it.

On 1:

  • What current approaches can be seen in the free software politics towards standardization.

-Gnu approach: The Gnu Document License is recommended for any documentation of programs, which can Docs as ISO or DIN seen to be part of.

-Real-World approach: Satellite projects use CC0 or “Public Domain” for integration of such standardized (reinvented) data.

-fsfe approach: Propagating the “open document day” and its definition.

  • Why has the “open document day” definition and praxis to be seen as bad?

One observes the economical truth that in the field where IS0 or such has a relevance, that there is a

free software desert. The effect of having to pay fees for (developer and community users) suffices to annihilate free software in this field, which should include the professionals’ field. Standardization has to be seen as a “Governmental Act” such as cyclically updating law books.

The real world effect on a human level e.g. for a developer, for a licensed changer of code is that he got even criminalized. They need to, they are misled to “leak” to say, they infringe ISO’s Copy-Right. Over more the whole development of free software itselve is criminalized with it, too. On a scale of badness the promotion situation needs to set to: drastic.

So now imaging what do open-document-day definition and its support mean? It means to even give a license to annihilate the development chances of free software which is over more the object of mandate.

In other words the finding is:: self licensed self annihilation. See [1] below!

On 2:

  • Why seems fsfe to be stricken? How role their run into their current role?

First it is found that only fsfe Europe has supported the Document freedom days definition. It is not quite clear how the fsfe had become support of DFD. But it turns out that there exists a tricky logically argumentation of that matter, which can be believed, but which is effectively wrong:

Lets say the object of our care is threatened of annihilation by two dangers: knife1(documents paying) and knife2 (pay for patents) . So agreeing in once own annihilation took place, where some found a convenience in getting rid of knife2 and staying just with knife1. Maybe they were tricked, still tricked, maybe they are betrayed or – corrupt. Another signal for that is that they do not care for the criminalization of their own people, but help producing it.

On 3:

  • Is that not a scandal, if – even by confession –it comes now?

Is seems to be a scandal. The former co-supporters will become by such a politics switch to opponents for supporting a formerly common object. One should care if they were some how stricken.

But one can pity them less for set out to face loss, cause these people are to a good degree professionals of public affairs, face losses and so on. So one does a good choice in expecting them to deliver a decent of their jobs, no? If not up to now, then at least from now on.

They should change the politics as explained and they should treat the public by it as they have learned it and are trained to it.

The result state of such a politics change (referring standardization) should be kept an eye on as a chief matter and by an ideally big number of independent observers. Affected could be sensitized for such politics changing campaign if necessary.

Maybe there need to be done some conviction on the rational level within the responsible as well?One needed to find all their objection and bring proves for those details, list them and the conclude to the whole picture.

Up to now it is to expected that it is disavowed even the chance that such self licensed self annihilation is taking place.

  • Which format/license should a future standardization doc be delivered in?

Satellite projects as BOLTS for FreeCad, use CC0 or “Public Domain”. So switching from the dfd-support it would be the first opt to claim them standardization bodies to deliver in such licenses, too.

The claim to the authorities is justified cause we are dealing with “governmental acts”. One needs to acknowledge that judges rely on them for example in civil law suits.


-How might one send a child to your education events, as you are seemingly self destructive , corrupt and criminalize your own people? Will not you worry?

-Is fsf (us) not following the dfd line? Why?

-On BOLTS: How should your ISO-Docs be licensed ideally? CC0? http://forum.freecadweb.org/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=11672

-I want to contribute/initiate such a new open standards campaign. Something relevant needs to be added to this..? Contact me and lets see what one could achieve together.

[1] These screenshots prove that fsfe is indeed propagating such an open standard proposal. As one sees as well the definition does not tackle the subject fees per document. Thus ISO and the like can feel “licensed” for playing off their annihilating effects (against their smaller opponents of which free software developers are one)

DfD0 DfD



on “wrapping the pdf interface properly for non interactive data”

Hi there,

theres me again, we are after the solution on,

how to “unpaper” the official letters. (hp-scan –adf /OCRmyPDF.sh)

This goes into a Tutorial once.

– we first do I from bash. Following a tutorial

– then we trigger it from tryton module, using proteus, out of gnu-health


Zur Nutzung werden folgende Pakete benötigt[1]

imagemagick # umwandeln?
parallel # Was machen die?
poppler-utils # Was machen die?
pdftk # Was besseres gibts nicht?
unpaper #aha?
tesseract-ocr (sowie gewünschte Sprachpakete)
python-reportlab #aha?
python-lxml #aha?
python-imaging #aha?


apt-get install imagemagick parallel poppler-utils pdftk unpaper tesseract-ocr python-reportlab python-lxml python-imaging ghostscript

The following NEW packages will be installed:
liblept4 libtesseract3 parallel tesseract-ocr tesseract-ocr-deu
tesseract-ocr-eng tesseract-ocr-equ tesseract-ocr-osd unpaper

und now a test object:


hp-scan –adf

./OCRmyPDF.sh -f -l deu /home/kubuntu/hpscan002.pdf /home/kubuntu/hpscan2.pdf

pdftotext /home/kubuntu/hpscan2.pdf -|grep e|wc



edit: okular seems to be a better choice

du -sh /home/kubuntu/hpscan2.pdf
468K    /home/kubuntu/hpscan2.pdf

du -sh /home/kubuntu/hpscan002.pdf
2,7M    /home/kubuntu/hpscan002.pdf

# aha it make the pdf smarter.


pdftotext /home/kubuntu/hpscan2.pdf -|grep e|wc

This seems plausible. Hurray. Hello World.


Finding: -I could no intervene to pause him, or to add somewhats

– no progression indicator

on Question:

-What are cool testing suits?

pdfinfo /home/kubuntu/hpscan002.pdf >test002

diff test test002

< Producer:       GPL Ghostscript 9.10
< CreationDate:   Tue Jul  7 20:56:20 2015
< ModDate:        Tue Jul  7 20:56:20 2015

> Producer:       ReportLab PDF Library – http://www.reportlab.com
> CreationDate:   Tue Jul  7 20:41:25 2015
< Page size:      612 x 1008 pts

> Page size:      611.961 x 1007.94 pts
< File size:      476939 bytes

> File size:      2797505 bytes
< PDF version:    1.4

> PDF version:    1.3

pdffonts /home/kubuntu/hpscan002.pdf
name type encoding emb sub uni object ID
———————————— —————– —————- — — — ———
Helvetica Type 1 WinAnsi no no no 2 0
kubuntu@kubuntu:/opt/OCRmyPDF-2.2-stable$ pdffonts /home/kubuntu/hpscan2.pdf
name                                 type              encoding         emb sub uni object ID
———————————— —————– —————- — — — ———
WKJADM+Helvetica                     Type 1C           WinAnsi          yes yes no      10  0

cromium-browser file:///home/kubuntu/hpscan2.pdf # seems ok


http://stackoverflow.com/questions/11529715/how-do-i-find-the-orientation-of-a-pdf-using-php-or-a-linux-script # command lines for pdfinfo and identify


jhove /home/kubuntu/hpscan2.pdf |less

on a prototype tryton penners-module on real world task design

Hi there,

on the 4*5 scheduled, reported, investigated, emailed application documents

what we have here is a real world example from the money giving office. A sort of document called “Eingliederungsvereinbarung” maybe already hundred of million times applied to potential users of our software. I try to go the most decent way with other color through the text to indicate you that (usually in our cases the most humiliating) brain wash is applied.

Eingliederungsvereinbarung [This is clearly pervert, psychopath, PR-joke brainwash: Its direct translation kind of pun goes penis-in-agreement, and it is made by a sentenced prostitutes trader, something that should have made well known to the concerned.] nach § 15 Abs.1 Satz’S [one sees ocr made error, why was it not well readable “sechs”? ]Zweites Buch
Sozialgesetzbuch (SGB 11)
Ersatz [psychopath attack with paradox: The replacement of something called agreement is not meant to be a agreement anymore.] der Eingliederungsvereinbarung per Verwaltungsakt


Bemühungen von Herrn xxxxxx yyyyyy
Sollten Sie nicht in der Lage sein, Ihre selbstständige Tätigkeit so auszubauen, dass Sie Ihre
Hilfebedürftigkeit beenden bzw. deutlich verringern, so sind sie verpflichtet eine zusätzliche
Tätigkeit,[typo comma set orthographically incorrect: the whole sentence structure is not intact anymore] mit einer wöchentlichen Stundenzahl von mindestens 20 h aufzunehmen. [Here she make the error of forcing me to the -expressis verbis – wrong thing. 20h is not the work load of the employment, but the work load for the intentions to get to one. One notices that the office worker could defend her self by that she was not Master of her acts, in case human rights threatened to materialize. One never knows, do not one? Is it intriguing? And the story surely is continuing on and on, right]

unternehmen Sie während der Gültigkeitsdauer der Eingliederungsvereinbarung [it is euphemistically misleading, it goes hopefully at most 4 months than with another interview they renew. In simple terms it is actually the whole period that you are considered capable of employable work.]

im Turnus von 4 Wochen – beginnend mit dem Datum der Unterzeichnung -[this happens with a speech when psychopaths had once invaded, cause there is no contract of penis-in, there is no signing of it neither, here she keeps speaking of it. It is to say that penners needs to deal with such a chainwise unforseeable mind jumping, brainwash psychopathic work load decently, anyway no? Yes. Yes it is heavy work.]

jeweils mindestens 5 Bewerbungsbemühungenum sozialversicherungspflichtige und geringfügige Beschäftigungsverhältnisse und legen hierüber im Anschluss an den oben genannten jeweiligen Zeitraum [mentioned was -expressis verbis only- four months] folgende Nachweise vor: tabellarische Auflistung der Bewerbungsbemühungen.
Sie bewerben sich zeitnah, d.h. spätestens am dritten Tage nach Erhalt des Stellenangebotes,
auf Vermittlungsvorschläge, die Sie vom Jobcenter bzw. von der Agentur für Arbeit erhalten
haben. Als Nachweis über Ihre unternommenen Bemühungen füllen Sie die dem
Vermittlungsvorschlag beigefügte Antwortmöglichkeit [btw: this -expressiv verbis – statement come usually into effect: never] aus und legen diese vor.

on the realization

Questioning the realization one could state: that “report” could be hopefully done by a tryton project, the internal management, too, I think therefore it is there. The send tryton can do, cannot it. Should by default. “Investigating” should be the problem, as the bofh-mentality is coverning and or call it brain wash, that there is no “good tool for graphical user interacting on hostile interfaces for_ linux”, such is great autohotkey free software for windows only is. Guess speech is already taboo-sick. Bet that they immediately are getting angry and denounce you mad, even worse if you are not anonymous asking for it.

So this is all really serious. This is not realizable? So: promote.. Its name means to move forward, does not it?

The speech goes in resume then for: wrapping the pdf (Which is on the seven hells catastrophe about that something like adobe is governed reality) interface properly for non interactive data retrievement, first. And second: wrapping the http-browser-database-on-applications-supplier-whatshisname for (mostly) non interactive data retrievement

So order from the head quarter comes: investigate those two interfaces.

Question: Are they are conceived at least in the imagination of its potential users and,or developers?


On this steps realization routine

Hi, by this link you have get here: https://softwareforhartz4entertainer.wordpress.com/#routine for example for helping me in the whole issue. So that is it:

One conceives a problem matrix of

Questions: 2.

  1. B) What is the solution state for statement a.
  2. A) How could one promote the development towards the aim state, for example through the paths of the free software movement around the fsf and such. It is to say, it is a “to do” that anyway on my list and could make a study on that approach even and you can help me by that. How do could one contribute in the priority-list thing then for example? Thank you. (:

Requestable-forumslists -which is 6

  1. ubuntu1
  2. ubuntu2, debian what ever
  3. tryton
  4. gnuhealth
  5. fsf-developement if existing
  6. depend on issue lists (money-giving-office’s ppl forums)

So I have then issues variable a:

  1. on “wrapping the pdf interface properly for non interactive data”: How could one achieve the above? Is such a solution available? Compare adobes postion with that of hp and its hplip free software approach! Answer: Maybe among the free proof readers… they got knew tools.. poppler…
  2. on wrapping the http-browser-database-on-applications-supplier-whatshisnamefor (mostly) for non interactive data retrievement: How could one achieve the above? Is such a solution available? Answer: hm..
  3. on the “4*5 scheduled, reported, investigated, emailed job-wellfare application documents”: Hey, just logged in with proteus in local “gnu hospital tryton python”-server. Could you help me on a decent tutorial about the python (or what ever pseudo code) “two lined” command lines for -having a) any report of format abc of data def on the server and/or b)then sending it to email-url ghj? State: uptonow no Idea..
  4. on “availabily of an ocr, of a free decent solution”: I am asking how in these decent software implementations in private and public offices everywhere around the necessary ocr data flow gets or how it could be at least used? yes? we will see. tesseract, There are open source Enterprises between it.
  5. on “availabilty of a “pdf-OCRed-text-inlay” decent solution? I aim at a functionality as seen from the screenshot of the commercial program. Notice that the original view is intact, meanwhile the text is accessible by an ordinary selection  tool. Is there such an solution in sight? Compare screenshot of non free tool: https://softwareforhartz4entertainer.files.wordpress.com/2015/05/demo_durchsuchbares_pdf.png or in free software evince: https://softwareforhartz4entertainer.files.wordpress.com/2015/05/adfocr13.jpg,  AnsW: is call sandwich seems ok with state of the art ubuntu
  6. on free “paper-data-to-computer-data” toolchain available? Is such a free software solution available these days of decent free software implementations in private and public offices everywhere. What would come next then? Answer: unpaper?
  7. On having an interest at petition on the German parliament that social money giving office (“Jobcenter”) should a) public the source: On having an interest at a petition on the German parliament that social-money-giving office (“Jobcenter”) should a) public their source of their customer-software. b) should swap to a software licensed free software such a GPL. c) public all or at least partly the documentation of their user interface, Should I or someone else initiate such a petition? What do you mean? If you agree, could you deliver then some appropriate  “Textbaustein” on the reasoning of such claim? Might there be even another address to pose the claim at?
  8. Can you help me a bit in this whole list?

So the bet is there a 2*6*8=96 packages which we need to put into the apparatus. That is work load we got incriminated with, it is surely multiple by 3 or more looks and dos on the communications run. Is that healthy for one? (;

The bets from here?

  • Maybe everything delivered to others first, gonna put it in the list…
  • -google each of 8 interface: once or once more
  • needs to become a tutorial: scan, report and mail