on nuclos install adventures


ich habe alles nach dem folgenden Installationsprotokoll gemacht, aber ich komme nicht weiter?


Was mache ich falsch?

Danke im Voraus über eine Antwort.


binaries there:


We saw that on German:


ab Nuclos 3.10.x setzt Nuclos Java 7 voraus

  • Nuclos unterstützt momentan noch kein Java 8 !

So according to common math rules this needs to be: Java 7 then..

And we are said where to download it: http://java.sun.com/javase/downloads/index.jsp.

News: I get here then:


I read the faq to installation issues:

http://wiki.nuclos.de/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=327912 and find nothing


So we got in the end to a site like the above, in where nothing is anymore understandable.

One wonders why there is no all in one installer.

I mean if there first was said to use java 7 but not yet 8, so in conclusion one is about to choose java 7 for it, and on the other hand we find java 7 announced outdated to us, as seen, then sharply concluded is it, there is in consequence no non-defunct free software installations real now. One holds this fast as a interim result.  So understandably I doubt proceeding as the expected result turns out to be impossible on the half way.

The solution comes in the next post.


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