Worse than the worst enemy is the wrong friend

So there we are are again, still in search for a decent non-hostaging business tramp software some weeks later. On the same night we found at that time:


Nuclos (previously Nucleus), http://www.nuclos.de/ ist nicht Frei weil es ohne professional Services nicht bezogen werden kann

Ok, get it, everybody knows that these open sourcers are crooks – to some or the other degree. And in case of nucleos they indeed passed the line of full crookedness. So first result is directly: Nuclos is out.

And over more the new leading question: What are the (un)official weapons against this crookedness? How much time may it usually need to conceive reaction and to develop weapons against those false-friends-worst-enemies-crookednesses? – Never? Up to now?

Can agpl be considered helpless against this crookednesses?

We will keep both eyes fixed on that issue during

the upcoming run

Having dived into a bad, betrayingly misleading but any first example we bob up at least with some key language term, which in turn enable us – others more intellegent had reached here with out this extra lap: not us – to gather by renewed searching:

http://www.heise.de/open/artikel/Quelloffene-Kuer-Open-Source-ERP-Systeme-im-Vergleich-763963.html This article is longer and yes it is older. One directly strongly wonders: How is it that so called erp have not got into mind cracking tramp market, yet?


Next wonder on next wander. Hey, ok we always love lovely comparison on wonderful wikipedia. – Sure. No question. – But why are there two such comparisons? Compare all colors and afterwards compare unsatisfiedly black and red, what might be the ground, one is forced to ask.

Ok: From the about 50 free erp programs, tryton, odoo, gnu enterprise are the only ones run by python, are not it. tryton is a fork of odoo. What happened? But tryton seems to have no email, what ever that means. (Hey, but one has to keep in mind, that the table is years old); tryton is the only one with low end marked tag, among these three.

Seems that

Number of Modules 600+ (80+ standard)[39] 3800+ (220+ official ones bundled in the distribution)[40]

Odoo is more popular, however. Seems, was? Has been?

So we have to have an decision: tryton should be the the next stake.

But first lets

curiously google a bit : findings.


having a look at the comments:

Even OpenERP has now become Odoo and that is like a hodge podge of mini apps.

OpenERP is a product which targets end user customers. Tryton is a project which provides an application framework for business use, which targets developers and implementers.

The comparison on wikipedia is done by people from tryton, which are totally unfair against OpenERP



As a matter of fact, it is probably the most complete, fastest evolving and most installed business management software on the planet


OpenERP is not commercial open source (in the sense of SugarCRM or Compiere: a professional edition different than the open source version). OpenERP is fully open source.

but: OpenERP is commercial open source because stupid bugs posted by people paying are corrected but real bugs not. …

guess it is on the bespoken “slavery of investment fond after money had come in”. So in the end they are come to hate each other while they are denouncers of each other. Aha? There we are.

Resume of this round

is actually very much about


and here they say:

Tryton is a three-tierhigh-level general purposecomputer application platform on top of which is built an Enterprise resource planning (ERP)

we are pleased to read that, indeed.


the Tryton founders avoided creating a partner network which tends to generate opposition and duality between the partners and the community of volunteers. They followed the PostgreSQL example where the project is driven by a federation of companies.[6]

That is going to be the solution lanced against that so perceived crookedness problem of this post’s leading question posted above, orderly defined as “commercial open source”-tendencies. I receive that.

So in the end: hopefully with my reputation done now, to say killed, I need to get into contact with the material next, asking its ppl realization question_s.

See your soon. All healthy and hopefully happy.


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