on accessing the community: [previously solved]tryton gpl violation

Hi there,

here is me again. Not in love, more to say in anger. What happened? As one can imagine I now wanted to connect to “the” community. And I lost an hour or two – the more intelligent among us had acknowledged that in less time I bet: not me – to realize that I had no access to it.

Google groups sign in the end of the registration torturing process:

—-> Sorry, we cannot serve your request for a new account at this moment.

As if they had not known that I was from tor. Do I need to prove that they kept me out because of tor? Even if I had the strong suspicion? No.

Here the story goes:


but before


Anonym surfen im Internet mit Ubuntu Linux 14.04 und dem Tor Browser (Firefox) [Deutsch/German]

as any responsible whistle blower will advice I put on tor in order not to harm somebody. I mean the first thing that comes to mind is what is everywhere accepted, cause in state obligatory freelancer courses advised, namely that admitting that you are a “welfare patient” means in the eyes of a such customers world: hanging out a sign tomorrow closed. Stigma. Discrimination in real existing stigma world. In order subsume correctly, it is to say, that you are not secure without tor. tor is needed, cause when they all haters realize that you are reachable, they blow you up, by any pretext proved to be working. So in the end of the logic chain discrimination is actually present. – Which there out prevents me from accessing the free software’s community. So leading question of this post is:

Can this be compliant to the software’s gpl_v3 license?

(More: I stop here to found the discrimination case, in order not to go in depth on what they tend to unscrupulously do with the so called persons of too less income, penneres or tramps, in the country Germany in one or the other of their historic labor market programs, but I could blab some truths unscrupulously either any time later, if necessary.)

ok, in order to fulfill the job, one could first

rummage in beloved wikipedia

or and far less beloved google about an occurrence of “discrimination” or and “access to community” and then over more ask in free software foundation chat rooms for some confirmation of the resulting hypothesis. And then learn how to denounce such a violation properly.

But first the action is

finding a software that reaches irc through tor, or at least anonymously.




choose freenode from the listbox at the right.

enter /join #fsfe in the textbox. Fine.


Continue rummaging..

Hello World, I spoke with some people in the chat on the first attempt, nice. Hope that it is not against compliance if I paste it here, cause in http://www.tryton.org/~irclog/2015-05-05.log.html the writings are published anyway, hmm. Maybe I find the answer later..

14:00 ** You now talk in #tryton. **
14:00 ** http://www.tryton.org/ **
14:09 wsirc_3406 hi there, new to tryton, want to go in depth and say hallo.
14:11 pokoli wsirc_3406: hi, how it’s going? Have you installed tryton and tested it?
14:11 wsirc_3406 have problem connecting to your community cause mailing list maintainer google blocks tor; is that gpl compliant, question, searching for hints…
14:11 wsirc_3406 hallo pokoli
14:12 wsirc_3406 elaborated a question text on my upcoming project but could not ask it.
14:13 wsirc_3406 seen it in practical terms, as well..
14:14 cedk wsirc_3406: I think the mailing list will work if you register prior
14:14 pokoli wsirc_3406: can not help if google is blocking tor netword
14:14 ** bvillasanti joined #tryton. **
14:16 cedk wsirc_3406: or are you sending email through tor network?
14:16 ** Timitos joined #tryton. **
14:17 wsirc_3406 firstly I can say that I am glad that I could connect to the community through irc and tor.
14:18 wsirc_3406 yes, it is the registration process of google, where I am supposedly hindered.. At least it seems like that, it is tedious to try it out in order to prove it.
14:21 cedk you can login via tor to the mailing as I just tested
14:23 wsirc_3406 cedk: login might function, but registering should be the problem..
14:23 cedk wsirc_3406: yes, I think it is quite excpectable to prevent spam
14:24 wsirc_3406 cedk: thank you for your answering first
14:25 wsirc_3406 prevent whomever, but me, so to say
14:26 cedk wsirc_3406: easiest solution: go to a cybercafe, register and login with tor when back home
14:27 ** LordVan QUIT (Quit: Verlassend) **
14:29 cedk wsirc_3406: by the way, it is the same for wikipedia
14:30 wsirc_3406 cedk: thanks for your effort, I thought about that, too. And now as I have got judgement.
14:30 wsirc_3406 your
14:30 wsirc_3406 judgement
14:31 wsirc_3406 hm, wikipedia.. do not know, but for example wordpress accepts yandex mail addresses which is fully reachable by tor.
14:32 wsirc_3406 hope that wikipedia works the same way..
14:32 wsirc_3406 I am -still- supposing that.
14:33 wsirc_3406 But anyway: got to send somebody to cyber cafe .. then, in this case
14:38 ** alimon QUIT (Quit: Leaving.) **
14:41 ** alimon joined #tryton. **
14:47 wsirc_3406 Anyway it am going to tackle some compliance check work and would have you informed about the results, just for the cause of interest cu later hopefully.


We’re sorry…

… but your computer or network may be sending automated queries. To protect our users, we can’t process your request right now.

And even more google-tor-tryton nagging comes to mind: one sees that I clicked



around 5 times on the selected area, tabs or windows should load, but the only effect is an empty tab. To really prove that I needed a video better. Ok.

The scoreboard

google easily to be proven hinders tor by broken function and not such easily to be proven blocks always tor-freesoftware-community-mailing list  access.

Resume 2 days later, Tristeza,

we see our selves miserably lost in the maze, carefully designed or negligently let to be evolved around us – who cares? Nobody anyway. Which kind of maze is he speaking about? I put here first the logs of the questions I posed therefore in the chat room of the freesoftwarefoundation and the resulting status quo for the reader wanting to keep track in question.


So resembling our selves, recurring to our systems set out for us to handle, we edict that part of our questions fork down to sideshow (Nebenkriegsschauplatz), namely the induced inability of recognition of freedom, which is the supposed adequate weapon again freedom’s challenges.  One might object that one needed a doctorate of philosophy; others rumored of psychiatry to follow that above statement. Only the fact of ongoing period’s duration tears down any hope on the diverge to zero, there where we find our places in our state of being timely aka live. Anything more? Misunderstood? Intentionally misunderstood? Denounced of being betrayer. Denounced of being enemy. Denounced of being mad. Hide your selves. Hide yourselves on tor!

..and this his name: oudeis

This might be the last word on the you all alimenting brain wash. Temporarily.

sideshow (Nebenkriegsschauplatz)

Back to think pragmatically, we see that we pretty soon get an overwhelming explosion of coherent questions of free software. One can call it trap system of free software’s freedom neutralization. Fine, we find a communicable term for it. Some glimpse of hope shined through? So what can one do? I deem one needs to separate those open questions in a new post with meaningful title, in the hope of staying the most pragmatic, objective, unemotional the projected hatred will not catch us the sufficient: totally. In order to follow our original aims. So we do with the investigations status quos of each questions. That gonna be the sideshow plan. Reflexively.

Update May,8, 15

By now it turns out to be clear that the distributor could even charge you, so that implies that you had to be identified as contracting party. That fore anonymity can not be claimed legally and from the distributor.  This is the previous solution to this case


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