Tryton early realization question post

Possibility realization questions on a tryton self standing business solution in social state context
being new to tryton and business software and business English language, however knowing (loving) some Python
I want to adapt tryton

-to meet the management requirements of a typical low-budget-self-standing-business person.

Which means that (in Germany) the effort is – against presumption overwhelmingly high and correlated with the high number of small transactions – because data must be exchanged with both the state social offices and finance offices and everything needs to be checked.

Business processes to be modelled are these:
-Usually data needs to be grasped manually from e.g. the monthly bank statements (pdf), sorted, processed into office’s application forms (normally pdf). Possible?
-The several applications need to have a long run through the legal instances; sometimes cycling over three years at the courts. It is difficult to keep track on the confusing deadlines. Is triton good for it?
-In the end user should have a ‘check sum’ control that all applied money had indeed flown
-I want to use the reporting functionality of tryton, to write textual application letters. Possible?
-Letters from the offices need to be digitized, to say they are scanned as well to pdf, archived, to be grasped data from.
-forgot to say: the actual real market business naturally should be modelled as well: customers orders, simple project control.

-One thing more: I want to control the program with command line or script user interface, too.
Is that possible?

And: Well, I think that such a solution by now is not existing, so it might be helpful for many people of low budget. Good idea? Opinions?
Thank all for any answer on if one could do it and how over more this can be done?


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