aim: running tryton Gnu-Heath with proteus and inspecting the whole system with proteus then

aim: running trython Gnu-Heath with proteus and inspecting the whole system with proteus then

(-having it print out Minister of Gnu Hospital,.-an useful thing is to debug:there must be a debugger aim table..,

(Update: conceiving a first prototype “penners” design, seen it as a module on occasion of a real live example:

[actual run takes indeed another direction In order to come up with the real world case I noticed that I had to use a scanner witch delivers the computer data from the letter paper decently. And we notice a feature gap in the delivering chain in some kind of free software purely bureau, do not we? So is it worth to dive into? Yes it is of worth to dive into right now by this occasion. Yes, it is of highest interest. In the moment it sees out like that the best discounter solution provided communicates that the free software side misses that feature, is it not? It is presumedly like that. The case is that one these discounter players, his name is hp btw, does_ something unusual_. He provides apparently decent free software product wrapper interface for it. We had no highly ranked scanner problem, we had a, an ocr problem. A blind spot on the landscape: They all all together had forgotten that the world lacks this -free- software solution, in order to make sure that the world use in a feasible free software chain and not the commercial one. The situation is even that one get’s cut off from their -called it once decent- offer.  Forgotten that is they never come to the idea of it, which is probably highly effective PR brain wash governing around. So nothing, we got to follow this path anyway. It is the wrestle with black spots. Some time boring, some times diverting. ocr-taboo what kind taboo is it around free ocr? here we go.

“1-cigarette long work length”-Policy if possible: typical default work directive from user to program. Do not do (user work load= default 0; of money giving office default 20h ;of courts default default unclear) anything, if you had to do equal what, do it the less possible. This program wants to help a person willing of gaining the most money from the enemy, which is in question always the money giving office. This office should by default considered as worth to be reduced down to zero in real world and in user’s world even more.

On the circumstances of such an interface: effective psychological war game against user, including hostage-like (inhuman and tabooed) misuse. Any participant is outset to some highly PR designed, group related brain wash. Be he tramp, money giving office worker, be he user, be he developer of such representations and therefore yes affected. One needs to keep this in mind, when it comes to terms.  With brainwash is meant exactly enough: politically used manipulation by emotions angst, guilt, shame.

-therefore the user-interface must be to high degree “scalable”; just because processes are highly responsive because it is a challenge of carrying tomorrow 100 law cases for example.

-One has to keep in mind: it all aims fundamentally at if there is robustness against brain wash in the human taking part. (developer and user)

-as far as responsivity is concerned: just for orientation: One should be glad that money usually flows. The point is that if they tramps had explode their time budget into overkill by holding 10 law suits each one, situation would be better, which is money flow would be easier in personal case.

-hey I have imagined one feature: a partly shared data base of penners community users: for targets of PR, by anonymous or more or less public self-scalably provided data. This stated the willingness of some users to enter intelligently in PR-Field.

Example: One knows that carrying on law suits is a fine chance to change, which is often prevented by missing support, but the data an on-law-suits-carrier could be found by an interested PR warrior. The point here is, that one does not want to flee anymore the dominating intelligence, but oneself holds fast on wanting to confront with own intelligence – some day. And therefore providing infrastructure by this.

anEyeforanEye-revenge sabotage action: No human being can, will, wants to naturally exist to keep on subjected against his basic rights in the end of the day. So the policy goes: for each order the enemy lances he got revenge in terms of disturbance for example in their euphemism PR. Maybe some decent letters to the firms on how their reputation could suffers, if long years’ human rights uncompliances came out -or what ?- just for having been corrupt enough not to prevent the money-giving-office from “cooperating”? For each order you got, for example you send 5 letters of such. So we (penners) had to send:5*5*4 letters, exactly 100 letter, over more, as tribute for the human rights fight and is necessary to note that this is undoubtfully praiseworthy – by functionally-healthy people at least, if you find one.

Update end)

-we want to run it with freecad is that possible?

and we want in the end have an idea on how to misuse the gnu health software on python and tryton as a half way decent tramp software.

What health doctor might be a so called decent delinquent? On his patients he need to know anything. That is fair. The tramp has his customers, where employees is something like an costumer = patient for him. It is that his finance office has an extremely paper flooding property. It is not really what can be seen as a structure – it is a war game. Such a opponent of war game could work you with one person as with 20 person as with 200 person as with 2000 person as with 20000 person if he wants. (And the software should not be idiotic enough to forget that there might even much more people on this planet who could work together against one.)



on running gnuhealth on ubuntu? # they talk a 90 min about their documentation system and philowhat? But I mean if they develop such a thing it is surely worth to have a look at, is not it? # this we found under first googleing and are closing this tab now. A Gentoo, arduino hacker. and this is gossiping early from wikipedia:

He said that he were on the concepts of ethics and:

This April I got a mail from Chris Larsen, a doctor working in Rwanda, where he was asking OpenERP the scripts to upgrade to 6.x, since they needed to have the latest Medical version. The response he got was that the scripts were not publicly available anymore. If they wanted to upgrade, they would have to pay a support contract to OpenERP. This is the typical example of a vendor lock-in. They change the rules (even the license) and then the user becomes their prisoner.
Ah, reading in him a bit I stumble with him. He is the maker of gnu health thing himself. So one could object. What haces tu, when the next partner as well goes OpenERP as there is a certain training in owning community groups behalf of such whole sector owning industries such as in Germany’s health sector, I ask? I mean their is always a big talk on corruption, is not it? So why praying something well that is remainingly serious?
He is funny! Animal Right Activist, yes. How is it animal rights on three Tiers? Once I heard a Behaveiour Investigator on the radio, who said that about what had happened on one of his experiments, where a monkey striked while his fellow had been paid unfair for the same work – and where a philosopher from Belgium was around, who (she) held the opinion that the Being-there of justice began with french revolution. “My monkey surely never heard from it. French Revolution.”
So I mean, what burden comes next?
Are not we incriminated enough with first being priest, next being medical and in the end comes anyone who sends us to be the lawyers of our dog?
– They do not understand the concept of law so they need a lawyer, right?-
Surely we – ethically – could not do this job just our selves, as the right to legal consultation is strictly limited to state lawyers. But, I bet after paying ethically legally one, you can support him by reports and so on. I mean say nobody that he does not do something for the economy. Lets just fokus on what he has done for the employment industry, at least at the paper industry…
Ok, one sees he is not the first animal rights activism I am stumbling and having stumbled over. But at least he gave us the required nitty gritty fact on the vendor lockin crookedness of open source. Hey, thank you!
Obviously he had since then no more problems with it..
Ok, lets watch his video first, focus on the on-screen-demonstration. Then take book and follow its steps to gain the first result: which is its installation.

Installation done

Back here. And now? Now by the next order we need to make proteus sharp. And make him deliver to us the name of the institution we are minister from.



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