on proteusing gnuhealth Hello World (2) (login aim table)

Hi there,

on the login aim table

I believe there is no come through through that. Do they have me lock cracking as first trainings session? If that is a design, what kind of design might that be? Who said it?

I got some tips on an alternative method: config.set_xmlrpc(‘http://admin:gnusolidario@health.gnusolidario.org:8069/health28’). So I have together with the manual at least 3 methods for connecting. I have what? I have various kinds of ip-hosts-tryton-server (online to gnuhelth-url to the debian packaged server, to an from scretch out of sources-server, to any other server for example made by a demo script) together fouŕ, to connect to,

(-where is not clear what this tcp port stuff shall and in how far a firewall is needed. One needed a clear network picture about the 3Tiers-protocol, btw. – Which we can not adopt that easy cause they do not let us (log)-in. btw, too.)

And? Yes for each method, I have a source, example, manual url, where the function is documented – and of cause the error message for each one, which is status quo then.

Ok, than we have a crappy html table 3 columns. The bold n indicate which solution we are especially after.

Here is the table


Installed:proteus? by apt-get ii tryton-proteus 3.0.0-3
and gnuhealth:https://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/GNU_Health/Installation#Downloading_and_Installing_GNU_Health
wget [http://ftp.gnu.org/gnu/health/gnuheal …] Uncompress the file: tar xzf gnuhealth-latest.tar.gz cd gnuhealth-* Run the gnuhealth_install.sh script ./gnuhealth_install.sh 3.4.3 Installed versions: ii tryton-proteus 3.0.0-3; trytond-3.4.3 

host method resultn:defunct
gnuheath (local ,handbook) Ankername1./trytond –logconf /home/gnuhealth/gnuhealth/tryton/server/config/gnuhealth_log.conf -v –all -d gnuhealth #from console 1, “five minute long module -work seen in logs. Then: “Update/Init succeed!“, server stopsexport Iapt-get remove tryton-servePYTHONPATH=”/home/gnuhealth/gnuhealth/tryton/server/trytond-3.4.3/bin” ;ipython # console 2from proteus import config, Modelconfig.set_trytond(database_name=’gnuhealth’,database_type=’postgresql’, password=’444nh4′,config_file=’/home/gnuhealth/gnuhealth/tryton/server/config/trytond.conf’)Last error message: ImportError: cannot import name CONFIGn; Exception: Module health not found; 5 minutes later: KeyError: ‘res.user, Exception: Module health_pediatrics not found, Exception: Module health_lifestyle
mportError: No module named trytond.configresult: or is it more a feature gap (debian standard system only)  as not all necessary paths are can not be informed to proteus arbitrarily?
n! verified to be not possible
manual y
pip install “proteus >=3.4,<=3.5cat /home/gnuhealth/gnuhealth/tryton/server/config/trytond.conf|grep -A1 xmpm|grep -v “xmpm\|–”
listen = localhost:8069
xmlrpc = *:8069
ssl_xmlrpc = Falsessl_xmlrpc = False
[Mon May 18 15:20:21 2015] INFO:trytond.server:starting JSON-RPC protocol on localhost:8000
[Mon May 18 15:20:21 2015] INFO:trytond.server:starting XML-RPC protocol on localhost:8069


pokoli,cedk: You were right, my user mistake have been not to follow the hint in the official config-file.

But one needed the handbook to exactly, in order to come up with the idea of building a own group with brackets [] in the config file. Therefore the judgement on this lock picking run is not closed.


gnuhealth (online) -.
manual y
pip install “proteus >=3.4,<=3.5cat /home/gnuhealth/gnuhealth/tryton/server/config/trytond.conf|grep -A1 xmpm|grep -v “xmpm\|–”
listen = localhost:8069
xmlrpc = *:8069
ssl_xmlrpc = Falseconfig.set_xmlrpc(‘http://admin:gnusolidario@health.gnusolidario.org:8069/health28&#8217;)


3. Connect to the GNU Health Demo Database using the following information:
Server: health.gnusolidario.org:8000
Database: health28
User name: admin
Password: gnusolidario

error: [Errno 111] Connection refused
It does not connect because of:

1. firewall

2.not sure if gnusolidario org goes xmlrpc, if not I cannot connect with this function, cannot I. If this host is jasonrpc only, can proteus connect it, at all?

n, will turn out to be impossible
host method result
debian tryton server from proteus import config, Model
config = config.set_trytond(database_name=’aaa’,database_type=’postgresql’, password=’admin’)Source?
manual y
config.set_xmlrpc n, will do
gnuheath (demoscript built) n
manual y
config.set_xmlrpc( n?

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