on scanning on linux (market investigation)

he order was to convert the data on the official letter to computer data. Therefore a tool chain of scan device and ocr, thinkable.

  • scan device: device with paper
  • auto feed in Android camera photos of papers

which are to be:

  • non interactive
  • free software
  • free software interfaceable

This is a matrix of 2*3 to the question: Is there a solution available, but if not: in reach? how thinkable? because of most exactly what and most exactly whom hindered to now.

Out of the hips one could previously shoot, that there have been reported of being the printer industry corrupt in high degree with respect to vendor-lock-in. Crooks all. So it does wonder that in the year 2015 there is afaik no free software solution in the world. And I would suspect as the devices are “multi”-compact their scanner they make the prefer deliver them defunct. Yes, that precisely their role. Enemies in enemy land. Is something wrong on my count then I would not be glader than proving the opposite. So the truth of it all is that they – because of hostile manner – hold those all but the last product arbitrarily back. Their PR and their brain wash is all about that, in the governing everywhere. We will find it each corner you will see… And one could anyway take time to make sure if the support for a future solution is on a decent way, btw and by all, no? Which is not more then our lethal interest…

Some first stakes:



Das Scannen läuft über die standardisierte SANE-Schnittstelle – siehe Scanner. Der Automatische Dokumenteneinzug wird auch unterstützt – unter XSane muss man dafür ein Häkchen bei “batch scan mode” setzen.

Ubuntu users say their where one. Fine then? Who mine? No? I can not imaging it was mine, neither can I imagine hp could do a good thing. To gossip, my hp under windows he make me sneak strict pathes; if not he makes me reboot repeatedly because of not using hp-cardridge, which surely can cost or commit some millions of angry user interaction hours. For a long time you would have few lust to trust them, which leads to the certain: You simply can not trust them. What will run, will run bad and hurts you effectively the more compared to what you should expect fairly: So exactly designed.




On a adf-ocr-scanner solution for ubuntu linux


I am needing to set my bureau the most possible to free software. Therefore I search four the functionality, which is a chain out of the components:

staple of documents->scanner device->adf->ocr->open format-> computer data.

Yes and the next requirement is: most possible non interactive. And: ocr-retrieved text inlayed in original scanned image.

Just in case of question what fore:

I am looking to have it integrated in a self build bureau environment software like tryton with python.I would like to grasp an orientation on the current market situation, in order “make sure if the support for a future solution is on a decent way.” (E.g. by sending an request to the fsf priority issue list, if this is a good idea.)

From this one could suggest that it can not be any more very far from it:



So question to you:

-Have you know of such an entire tool chain already working that way? Could you imagine one? Please share your thoughts and opinions unhinderedly.

-Have you heard of/imagined a free software ocr into that scanned output on linux is actually piped to? Which one?

-Which are in your opinion the weakest points in the chain? Is it availability of scanner or adf-capability for linux? Is it the use of closed formats such as pdf?

-ocr-retrieved text inlayed in original scanned image. is this possible? (see screenshot below)adfocr13

Hint: The black stripes is text selection in black color. Ocr did not change the original appearance.

-how do these commercial linux bureaus around fill the feature gap?


Thanks in advance

GNU General Public License

HPLIP (HPLinux Imaging and Printing) project—initiated and led by Hewlett-Packard (HP)

they have no community…

but I comforted somewhat that true.

As of 2013 the supplied printer-drivers support a total of 2,080 HP printer models; many of these are free and open-source (FOSS), licensed under MIT, BSD, and GPL licenses, but others

A GUI toolbox to access all these functions in a friendly way
have you heard that.
* HPAIO SANE backend (hpaio) for flatbed and Automatic Document Feeder
(ADF) scanning using MFP devices


my device is not in the list. Sending them an email What is about my version? prove it? Bugs? Tutorial?



Xsane. …, select ‘Multipage’ (Ctrl+M).

.$ scanimage -b –batch-count=n –source ADF where ‘n’ is number of pages to scan.

From hp-scan command:.

$ hp-scan –adf

looks clean

give it a try thogh.. apt-get and batch somewhat? not?

my computer is somewhat slow,


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