on a prototype tryton penners-module on real world task design

Hi there,

on the 4*5 scheduled, reported, investigated, emailed application documents

what we have here is a real world example from the money giving office. A sort of document called “Eingliederungsvereinbarung” maybe already hundred of million times applied to potential users of our software. I try to go the most decent way with other color through the text to indicate you that (usually in our cases the most humiliating) brain wash is applied.

Eingliederungsvereinbarung [This is clearly pervert, psychopath, PR-joke brainwash: Its direct translation kind of pun goes penis-in-agreement, and it is made by a sentenced prostitutes trader, something that should have made well known to the concerned.] nach § 15 Abs.1 Satz’S [one sees ocr made error, why was it not well readable “sechs”? ]Zweites Buch
Sozialgesetzbuch (SGB 11)
Ersatz [psychopath attack with paradox: The replacement of something called agreement is not meant to be a agreement anymore.] der Eingliederungsvereinbarung per Verwaltungsakt


Bemühungen von Herrn xxxxxx yyyyyy
Sollten Sie nicht in der Lage sein, Ihre selbstständige Tätigkeit so auszubauen, dass Sie Ihre
Hilfebedürftigkeit beenden bzw. deutlich verringern, so sind sie verpflichtet eine zusätzliche
Tätigkeit,[typo comma set orthographically incorrect: the whole sentence structure is not intact anymore] mit einer wöchentlichen Stundenzahl von mindestens 20 h aufzunehmen. [Here she make the error of forcing me to the -expressis verbis – wrong thing. 20h is not the work load of the employment, but the work load for the intentions to get to one. One notices that the office worker could defend her self by that she was not Master of her acts, in case human rights threatened to materialize. One never knows, do not one? Is it intriguing? And the story surely is continuing on and on, right]

unternehmen Sie während der Gültigkeitsdauer der Eingliederungsvereinbarung [it is euphemistically misleading, it goes hopefully at most 4 months than with another interview they renew. In simple terms it is actually the whole period that you are considered capable of employable work.]

im Turnus von 4 Wochen – beginnend mit dem Datum der Unterzeichnung -[this happens with a speech when psychopaths had once invaded, cause there is no contract of penis-in, there is no signing of it neither, here she keeps speaking of it. It is to say that penners needs to deal with such a chainwise unforseeable mind jumping, brainwash psychopathic work load decently, anyway no? Yes. Yes it is heavy work.]

jeweils mindestens 5 Bewerbungsbemühungenum sozialversicherungspflichtige und geringfügige Beschäftigungsverhältnisse und legen hierüber im Anschluss an den oben genannten jeweiligen Zeitraum [mentioned was -expressis verbis only- four months] folgende Nachweise vor: tabellarische Auflistung der Bewerbungsbemühungen.
Sie bewerben sich zeitnah, d.h. spätestens am dritten Tage nach Erhalt des Stellenangebotes,
auf Vermittlungsvorschläge, die Sie vom Jobcenter bzw. von der Agentur für Arbeit erhalten
haben. Als Nachweis über Ihre unternommenen Bemühungen füllen Sie die dem
Vermittlungsvorschlag beigefügte Antwortmöglichkeit [btw: this -expressiv verbis – statement come usually into effect: never] aus und legen diese vor.

on the realization

Questioning the realization one could state: that “report” could be hopefully done by a tryton project, the internal management, too, I think therefore it is there. The send tryton can do, cannot it. Should by default. “Investigating” should be the problem, as the bofh-mentality is coverning and or call it brain wash, that there is no “good tool for graphical user interacting on hostile interfaces for_ linux”, such is great autohotkey free software for windows only is. Guess speech is already taboo-sick. Bet that they immediately are getting angry and denounce you mad, even worse if you are not anonymous asking for it.

So this is all really serious. This is not realizable? So: promote.. Its name means to move forward, does not it?

The speech goes in resume then for: wrapping the pdf (Which is on the seven hells catastrophe about that something like adobe is governed reality) interface properly for non interactive data retrievement, first. And second: wrapping the http-browser-database-on-applications-supplier-whatshisname for (mostly) non interactive data retrievement

So order from the head quarter comes: investigate those two interfaces.

Question: Are they are conceived at least in the imagination of its potential users and,or developers?


On this steps realization routine

Hi, by this link you have get here: https://softwareforhartz4entertainer.wordpress.com/#routine for example for helping me in the whole issue. So that is it:

One conceives a problem matrix of

Questions: 2.

  1. B) What is the solution state for statement a.
  2. A) How could one promote the development towards the aim state, for example through the paths of the free software movement around the fsf and such. It is to say, it is a “to do” that anyway on my list and could make a study on that approach even and you can help me by that. How do could one contribute in the priority-list thing then for example? Thank you. (:

Requestable-forumslists -which is 6

  1. ubuntu1
  2. ubuntu2, debian what ever
  3. tryton
  4. gnuhealth
  5. fsf-developement if existing
  6. depend on issue lists (money-giving-office’s ppl forums)

So I have then issues variable a:

  1. on “wrapping the pdf interface properly for non interactive data”: How could one achieve the above? Is such a solution available? Compare adobes postion with that of hp and its hplip free software approach! Answer: Maybe among the free proof readers… they got knew tools.. poppler…
  2. on wrapping the http-browser-database-on-applications-supplier-whatshisnamefor (mostly) for non interactive data retrievement: How could one achieve the above? Is such a solution available? Answer: hm..
  3. on the “4*5 scheduled, reported, investigated, emailed job-wellfare application documents”: Hey, just logged in with proteus in local “gnu hospital tryton python”-server. Could you help me on a decent tutorial about the python (or what ever pseudo code) “two lined” command lines for -having a) any report of format abc of data def on the server and/or b)then sending it to email-url ghj? State: uptonow no Idea..
  4. on “availabily of an ocr, of a free decent solution”: I am asking how in these decent software implementations in private and public offices everywhere around the necessary ocr data flow gets or how it could be at least used? yes? we will see. tesseract, There are open source Enterprises between it.
  5. on “availabilty of a “pdf-OCRed-text-inlay” decent solution? I aim at a functionality as seen from the screenshot of the commercial program. Notice that the original view is intact, meanwhile the text is accessible by an ordinary selection  tool. Is there such an solution in sight? Compare screenshot of non free tool: https://softwareforhartz4entertainer.files.wordpress.com/2015/05/demo_durchsuchbares_pdf.png or in free software evince: https://softwareforhartz4entertainer.files.wordpress.com/2015/05/adfocr13.jpg,  AnsW: is call sandwich seems ok with state of the art ubuntu
  6. on free “paper-data-to-computer-data” toolchain available? Is such a free software solution available these days of decent free software implementations in private and public offices everywhere. What would come next then? Answer: unpaper?
  7. On having an interest at petition on the German parliament that social money giving office (“Jobcenter”) should a) public the source: On having an interest at a petition on the German parliament that social-money-giving office (“Jobcenter”) should a) public their source of their customer-software. b) should swap to a software licensed free software such a GPL. c) public all or at least partly the documentation of their user interface, Should I or someone else initiate such a petition? What do you mean? If you agree, could you deliver then some appropriate  “Textbaustein” on the reasoning of such claim? Might there be even another address to pose the claim at?
  8. Can you help me a bit in this whole list?

So the bet is there a 2*6*8=96 packages which we need to put into the apparatus. That is work load we got incriminated with, it is surely multiple by 3 or more looks and dos on the communications run. Is that healthy for one? (;

The bets from here?

  • Maybe everything delivered to others first, gonna put it in the list…
  • -google each of 8 interface: once or once more
  • needs to become a tutorial: scan, report and mail



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