on contemporary open source development: firstly the own firm

Hi there, there is me again. I am back after a few days and monthes, that I could tackle my doings of a penner.
So what would be up next? Would be the question? Hm watched around and tip tip tip fruko pako fruko ging ging, fruko pak gong gong ku ging ging. So what? What do you guess which could have risen the interest of such a Tom Blecher penner in the mean time. Quiz time!
came up with?

The story

This I emailed to a friend:

Hi xxx,
es wird ein open source hardware boom vorausgesagt:


http://www.appropedia.org/MY4777 er hat so ein (dieses!) Buch dazu und gibt einen Unikurs, gut zum Selberlernen wohl.

Und die hier
sind die PR dafür: http://www.oshwa.org/testimonials/

wäre das nicht was für uns?

abkupfern/einbringen kann man sich gleich hier:

Zusammen ist mehr Motivation -und mehr Ordnung da. Ich würde gleich anbieten. Open Source Hardware Consulting: The product of your choice, we deliver it.
Oder so. Es gibt alles in allem overwhemingly viel da.

It is about this singularity:


It was one of the top books chosen be Shareable for “New Books About Sharing, Cities and Happiness”[14]

Top 15 New Books About Sharing, Cities and Happiness – Shareable


what is she might thinking? – Life style – It is said that anyone should have read/ got the skills to build up its own scientific lab of 5 Thousand Euros? Right? Says? she? What is it about? Answer: a book is crucial resource, it is expensive – quite -. That is the point. Now farther what is this book so singular? I questioned…

Any a ghosty book, so to say speak. He? I came up with my comics theory book in which gave basic example the joke from george bush (or presumedly one of his ghost writers):

Books, Books, Books. When I think of all those books George Bush the liar. Dirty lies of George Bush. Lies, lying and George Bush and the like. I might comment that I did not fail to do something for the economy. Speaks anybody about what I have done for the books industry. I would say that I had read all this books, – but that would be a lie.

So one wonders what kind of barrier is that in your way? Set there in your way? Is it a bridge? Or is it door? And what fore should act such a conditionally locked door here? I think I will get problems in the shipping, won’t I?

The new commandment and its strategy

The plan that derives from it consequently is:

phase 1

-go own the sensorica or the like,

-go own your own books-curse,

-go prepare your own firm study all business opportunities

phase 2

-Then after it run the profit orientated business of it.

So whats more?

I need a License.

Here is my license then:

Such a open source hardware  cooperation license:

1. Income guaranty clause

Referring to the quote “we are helping the people diminishing poverty.” I do not agree with it. As for my interpretation if open source hardware action is something good these days, depends on the environment in which it is used.  I doubt that this promotion meets the requirements of lets say 11.2


So as we see bubbles bursting, which is illusion of economic value and its secure delivery to the people bursts, like in case of the boy’s hand prosthesis, which costed 10€ instead of 10.000€, we must fear that an open source market behavior as proposed likes to step from an effectively secured delivery of monetary income to a not secured one. Willingly? The License should give an answer to it.

1.0.1 As provided the result is: The effects of open source phenomenon is threatening to be catastrophic. As the catastrophe is both to fear and to expect, the advocates of open source appear monstrous. The singularity turns out to a monstrosity so to say.

1.0.2 Even more: Protagonists are (were then) playing a self hating role in which they advertize for their next political concurrent which offers not only better assurances in having stable the income value supply. Such as the “industry”? The protagonists’ attitude need to be described as well as saboteur, as their aggressive behavior is seen to be a prove publicly delivered that an future industrial open source hardware regime were a logical defense against them.

This were to criticize.

1.1The content of the contract is then not anymore something rational – for being catastrophic, right? – and so the whole license is weakened and thus the whole ground of with economy and or production should take place.

1.2 Even as an advocate for propulsion of open hardware one needs to comment that  their current PR-doers might be not the apt subjects for it. (human beings). A political overall direction (of aims) is in question.

1.3 Another license shall be found where a conflict minimum with human rights is assured and communicated. A clear avowal towards human rights in the narrower sense (11.2 and so on)  and its strive for it against any pluralism should be included in such a future license.

2. This license holds it in no way fair: the fair principle of sensorica award system or the like. Maybe it is feasible to actuate by the principle over a limited time scope and at a smaller scale, lets say 3 singular person.

2.1 From the point of view of 11.2 human right it is to say that if this cooperation gets a mass phenomenon – something that is undoubtedly in question – it is to find that it is theft. Where the spoil is what they call revenue and their socii are gangsters.

2.2. As the (human) mass catastrophe threat is depending on this mindset, this license requires to pull it back as a central philosophy within the movement.

2.2.1 Historically one could observe such phenomena, of celebrating ones own “performance justice” leading to continued mass catastrophe threat.  That is to be criticized at least.



  • Das große Arbeitslager im Sommer 1932, 7.-21. August. In: Sächsische Jugend am Werk, 1933, S. 14–27.
  • The big work camp in summer. The first work camps were indeed holiday camps or summer camps.

Which is the historic warning: Take care when some idiots make their enthusiastic, provenly dull ideas become mass event, than you will get a mass catastrophe pretty soon next! So the warning dropped here.


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